Saturday, October 3, 2015

Ireland Travel Saga

So a few things unexpected on the segment from DFW to LHR. First this was a truly miserable flight, I had planned on sleeping, that didn't happen. The plane fluctuated temperatures more than ANY flight I have been on before; according to my phone from 73 to 88. All said the flight itself was uneventful. I hadn't expected to have my passport stamped in London, I thought that would only happen in I know, just remember to follow the purple signs and they will get you where you need to be. I also didn't expect another TSA like baggage screening in London but it makes sense, since you are entering a new country, I have to admit the security in London was fast and easy. Getting into Dublin was very refreshing, exiting the flight there was an agent directing EU passport holders one way, everyone else to another line. There wasn't security since the flight came in from another secured country so it was just a matter of answering a couple of simple questions (how longs your stay, where are ya staying, what's the purpose of your trip) followed by a nice welcome "Welcome home, enjoy your stay."

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Ireland 2015 - Preparing

Here I am less than 1 month before my first, but presumably not my last, international trip. To say this has been a long time in the works would be an understatement. The planning starting more than five (5) years ago. It has taken careful planning and saving to make this trip a reality, with one massive snafu - more on that later. The initial step was making sure all members of my party would be able to get a US Passport, this was not a certainty since one party has had multiple arrests but few convictions including a rather humorous event that led to being banned from Canada. Once the passports were acquired, I purchased the airline tickets and rental car through Travelocity and the accommodations through a third party agency. After paying almost $1500.00 USD for the accommodations, the company went out of business, I am still in process of trying to recover the funds but am not holding my breath on their account. I have since booked rooms through Travelocity which has been very responsive to my many questions.

  • Pre Planning
    • Acquired Passports
  • Leading up to the trip
    • I have ordered Euros through my bank to have local currency for incidentals
    • Verified baggage sizes for carry on.
    • Notified my credit card companies and bank of my travel plans.
    • Notified the local Police of my travel plans, they offer courtesy patrols.
    • Given keys to the house and vehicles to a trusted person and provided their contact info to the appropriate people/agencies.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Where does a restless traveller start?

Growing up, my family moved around...a lot. My dad was a machinist and mechanic, so he followed the work. Money was always tight, but I enjoyed getting to see new sights. I didn't realize it until a few years ago, but I have always been restless. I have seen more of the United States than most people do in a lifetime and I am only thirty. I plan to post about places I've been and planning to go to.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

St. Augustine, Florida

I had the pleasure of visiting St. Augustine on my visit to Florida in August 2013. My brother recommended the side trip and I am very thankful. St Augustine is the oldest continuously occupied European city in the US. It has wonderful historic forts to tour and the boardwalk has shopping of every form imaginable.